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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


This years X-Factor in the UK has seen no shortage of newspaper headlines, however it's most controversial story has been due to the on and off screen antics of Frankie Cocozza. From his late night drinking binges, to shouting "fucking get in there" live on tv when he was saved from the public vote despite the fact many thought his singing was awfull, he seemed to dodge the preverbial bullet every time. That was untill this week when news broke via Twitter that he  had broken "A golden rule" and had left the show. Rumours were quick to circulate as to which rule he had broken, and it wasn't long before an official statement was released stating that he had been boasting about taking the drug cocaine, leaving some in shock, some calling it a typical X-Factor publicity stunt  while others were just glad to see the back of him.
However the question on eveyones lips was "who, if anybody would take his place?".  Campaigns began on Twitter to bring back boyband "The Risk" and solo act Johnny Robinson, however yesterday (9th nov) ITV announced that viewers would actually get the chance to pick from the 4 acts sent home in week 1 of the live shows. a move some including myself have said is wrong. I feel these acts and all others voted off since have had their chance at the live shows and therefore should not be given another. Instead they shuld have got those acts not picked from judges homes stage to be given another chance, but With Simon Cowell in charge i guess things were never going to be fair or indeed straight forward.
Whoever gets another chance, one thing is certain come the end of the series, like every other year, the only true winners will be ITV and of course Simon Cowell.

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