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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


It only happens twice in a football season, it has been known to make grown men cry tears of joy or heartbreak, Sky Sports presenter Jim White has on more than one occasion done a sex wee live on air during it, yes football fans, it's transfer deadline day, the last day your club can make any new signings before the transfer window closes untill the /January sales.
So what can we expect to see today then? well apart from the usual rumours like Ronaldo to Stoke or Messi to MK Dons, We can expect a few premiership players to jump from one club to another causing a riot between rival fans, The Old Firm to fight over a player and the team who loses out by not offering enough money, regrets their decision later in the season when said player scores against them, and of course Mr White to need medical attention at 1 minute past midnight as the window closes.
Whatever happens it will pave the way for another exciting season North and South of the border, and i for one can't wait!.

I chose not to report any signings or actuall rumours as no doubt as soon as i posted the blog they would be proved wrong lol.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Season 2011/12 has only just begun, and no mater what happens on the domestic front in Scotland, it will be remembered for one thing only, the fact that before either the Champions or Europa leagues had even begun properly, all Scotlands representatives had been knocked out in the qualifying rounds (In my team, Rangers case, knocked out both competitions). Now we could blame dodgy ref decisions all day but the simple fact is Scottish football is a joke, Our national team hasn't been at a major tournament since the World Cup in France 1998, and as for our domestic clubs, well where do i start. 
Last night saw Rangers, Celtic and Hearts all crash out of the Europa League at the qualifying stage, now Hearts had it tough, they were up against Premiership big buns Tottenhanm Hotspur (the English team i support) and despite a 5-0 thrashing at home, they put up a brave fight against albeit an under strengthed spurs squad and came away from White Heart Lane with a little pride intact after a 0-0 draw. The Old Firm teams on the other hand were a disgrace, Celtic going down 3-1 away to FC Sion after drawing 0-0 at home last week and Rangers drawing 1-1 at home to NK Maribor after a 2-1 away defeat last week. Now no disrespect to Sion or Maribor, but who the fuck are they??, nobodies, that's who, and for the so called might of the SPL to be humbled by them is nothing more than embarrassing, a fact made even worse when you hear that Stoke City and Shamrock rovers also managed to qualify. 
Things need to change in Scottish football, and fast, because the current set up just isn't working, though one thing is for certain, despite what people have been saying for years now, Rangers and Celtic should never be allowed into the English league, mainly because they are Scottish teams, but also because they would end up getting beat by teams like Acrington Stanley (who are they? exactly!).What we need is a 16 team top tier league with the focus on Scottish players, you just have to look at how well the scotland under 21 squad do to see that there is young talent out there itching to do the job for any clubs willing to give them that chance to shine, also limit the number of foreigners coming in to 4 in a squad, most if not all only come here to put themselves in the shop window so other big clubs notice them (why is beyond me, its like putting caviar in Aldi's window).
The Scottish government needs to get more involved with the SFA to see that more money is invested at grass roots, encourage more schools to have an active football team, offer more training camps during school holidays, and get popular footballers to offer coaching.
Of course non of this will fix the immediate problem, that is up to the managers themselves to sort out the teams, find the players willing to play for the shirt, and those who are only interested in the pay cheque should be shown the door. With time and effort we can get Scottish Football back on the map, and make us a proud nation again.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This November see's the much anticipated release of the 8th game in the "Call Of Duty" video game series. For those who have been living under a rock, Call Of Duty is a first and third person shooter game created by Ben Chichoski and published by Activision, and either developed by Infinity Ward or Treyarch. The earlier games were set during WW2, with later games (Modern Warfare 1, and soon to be released 3) set as name suggests, in modern day, while last years Black Ops set during the Cold War.
This genre of game was one i had normally not played untill the release of MW2, when i decided to jump on the bandwagon and buy it due to the publicity surrounding its release and fact all my friends were buying it, and i will admit, in video game terms, it was the best move i ever made, The single player campaign blew my mind, especially the "No Russian" chapter where you walk through an airport, shooting civilians, pretty sick but a good way of getting rid of pent up anger lol. However the best part is the online multiplayer, where you get the chance to play people from around the world, which sometimes can be a lot of fun, but at times it can get frustrating due to idiots using cheat hacks, something i hate, i mean what is the point of buying a game if you are just going to cheat. A lot of people also hate grenade launchers or Thumpers (known as noob tubes) but i myself always use them, partly because of the multikills you can get but also because the evil part of me knows it will piss people off.
So after a year of playing MW2 you could imagine my excitement at the November 2010 release of Black Ops, however my excitement was short lived, the game was horrible, the campaign was good i admit but multiplayer was dire, the graphics and sound effects were poor compared to that of MW2, to be honest just thinking of the game pisses me off so i will move on.
So what of MW3 then, well it seems it will be set in various locations including London,and it promises new killstreak features, a revamped ranking system and the removal of certain power advantage perks that some find annoying. The campaign will continue where MW2 left off, and will feature some of the same characters.
All in all the game seems certain to be a hit, despite ging head to head with rival game Battlefield 3, released around the same time. My money will be spent on MW3, and once it is released, me and my xbox will be spending a lot of time together!

Monday, 22 August 2011


David Cameron is hardly Mr popular at the best of times, however recently he has angered the voting public more than normal. Just a couple of weeks ago parts of England saw the worst rioting and looting ever seen on these shores, causing millions if not billions of pounds worth of damage, and livelihoods ruined. The scenes from cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester were awfull, kids barely in their teens squaring up to, and throwing missiles at police and other emergency service officers, shops being looted and burned down, and even innocent families being forced out of their own homes.
the one thing this country needed at that time was a leader to stand up and say enough is enough, yet it took our Prime Minister 3 DAYS before he decided to cut short his holiday in Italy and come back to the UK.
However after last nights events in Libya where it seems Colonel Gadaffis regime is falling, Mr Cameron rushed home from yet another holiday (albeit only in Cornwall) in just a matter of hours to pretty much take the credit for what the people of Libya achieved, and his party members were all getting right behind him, Louise Mensch for example  tweeting that "it was a genuine triumph for our PM David Cameron".
Now i am in no way suggesting that he or any other member of parliament doesn't deserve a holiday, however Camerons latest jaunt was his FIFTH holiday of the summer. Sorry Dave but just because Parliament shuts down for the summer, doesn't mean problems in your country do, we are in the grip of a financial crisis, and your country needed your leadership during those rots, you can not pick and choose when you want to be Prime Minister i'm afraid, its a 24/7 job, and should you be on holiday, the first sign your country needs you, you get back here, i mean its not like your deputy Nick Clegg is capable of the job even for a few days.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


As most of you will be aware, yesterday saw an unfortunate accident at the Bournmouth Air Festival involving one of the Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team which resulted in the tragic death of Flight lieutenant John Egging. He is rightly being hailed a hero for steering his jet away from houses before it came down in woods.
The Red Arrows have themselves now been grounded untill a full investigation into the accident is carried out, however it has lead to some people calling for them to be disbanded alltogether, something i am sure Mr Egging or his family would not like to see.The Red Arrows are a British institute, and have been around for years, providing spectacular displays at air Shows and events around the world, one of te most iconic images in my opinion is of them flying over Buckingham Palace alingside Concorde at the Queens Golden Jubilee. (Concorde itself being retired following the tragic crash in Paris in 2003)
As a child i remember seeing both the Red Arrows and Concorde at Prestwick Airport on many an occasion,  and was left in awe at their abilities, as i am sure many people of all ages were. When concorde was retired, i was heartbroken at the thought of never seeing (or hearing, the noise was immense) her again, and the though that i may never have chance to see The Red Arrows perform again leaves a similar feeling. If anything they should (after the investegation) be allowed to fly again as a tribute to their fallen pilot.
Only time will tell what the future holds for The Red Arrows, but should we have seen the last of them, i think i speak on behalf of many when i sat Thank you for the memories!

I dedicate this post to the memory of Flight Lieutenant John "Eggman" Egging of the Royal Air Force, my thoughts are with his family.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

OOPS I DID IT AGAIN! enough of the remakes please!

If there is one thing any true movie buff hates more than an unnecessary sequel, it is an even more unnecessary remake, however recently it seems Hollywood has chosen to ignore this and inundated us with them and if the chances of getting a sequel better than the original are slim, then getting a remake better than the original can only end in a box office disaster.
In recent years we have seen classic horrors such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween all given a 21st century reboot, and while some of them were decent attempts, they in no way matched the quality of the originals, Nightmare On Elm Street being a prime example, i'm sorry but there will only ever be one Freddy Krueger and that was Robert Englund. 
Other attempts include oceans 11, War Of The Worlds, The Karate Kid, King Kong, the list goes on and on.
Now the craze in Hollywood seems to be remaking Arnie movies (blasphemy in my opinion), this week seeing the UK release of Conan The Barbarian with Jason Momoa (yep i've never heard of him either) in the title role, 2012 seeing Total Recall and apparently remakes of Predator and Red Sonja are also planned. These are all iconic movies of the 70/80/90's and should remain untouched, i will be very surprised if any are successful. 
I have racked my brains and i can't for the life of me remember a remake that was anywhere close to being as good as the original, and for this reason alone, Hollywood should bite the bullet and leave the classics as they are, Classic!, I swear, if anybody ever attempts to remake Jaws, i will hunt them down and personally feed them to the sharks.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Big Brother Is Back!!!

Yes, despite a big send off by Channel 4 last year, Big Brother is back on our screens, this time on channel 5 and with "Ultimate Housemate" Brian Dowling taking over the presenting role from Davina McCall and i have to say he done a bloody amazing job at it, and praise the tv gods because the voice of Big Brother , Marcus "who goes, you decide" Bentley has returned to provide his always entertaining narration.
the series kicked off with a "celeb" edition last night (18th august) and yes there are a few well known celebs in there, the most famous being Hollywood actress and star of American Pie, Tara Reid, who dare i say looked rather pie eyed!, however she was not alone as also in there is everyones favourite nutter, Kerry Katona, oh well at least she has a roof over her head for a couple weeks. Other housemates include a male model, the ex wife of David Hasslehoff, the almost certain soon to be ex wife of the House Of Commons Speaker, an ex soap star, 2 reality show stars, a papparazi guy with a pink mowhawk and those annoying little fuckers that we all love to hate, Jedward. 
Yes Channel 5 are risking being investegated on grounds of breaking the trade descriptions act by calling it "celeb big brother" but lets be honest, every celeb reality show does it, and we the viewing public still watch it and  as long as we do so, they will churn it out.
I myself am and always have been a fan of Big Brother (hell i even auditioned twice, but thats a story for another day) and i could not be happier that it is back, and happy to say it is in safe hands with Channel 5 who made the right decision to bring it back, and even more so by getting the awesome Brian Dowling to present it, yes folks, Big Brother is back!!