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Monday, 22 August 2011


David Cameron is hardly Mr popular at the best of times, however recently he has angered the voting public more than normal. Just a couple of weeks ago parts of England saw the worst rioting and looting ever seen on these shores, causing millions if not billions of pounds worth of damage, and livelihoods ruined. The scenes from cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester were awfull, kids barely in their teens squaring up to, and throwing missiles at police and other emergency service officers, shops being looted and burned down, and even innocent families being forced out of their own homes.
the one thing this country needed at that time was a leader to stand up and say enough is enough, yet it took our Prime Minister 3 DAYS before he decided to cut short his holiday in Italy and come back to the UK.
However after last nights events in Libya where it seems Colonel Gadaffis regime is falling, Mr Cameron rushed home from yet another holiday (albeit only in Cornwall) in just a matter of hours to pretty much take the credit for what the people of Libya achieved, and his party members were all getting right behind him, Louise Mensch for example  tweeting that "it was a genuine triumph for our PM David Cameron".
Now i am in no way suggesting that he or any other member of parliament doesn't deserve a holiday, however Camerons latest jaunt was his FIFTH holiday of the summer. Sorry Dave but just because Parliament shuts down for the summer, doesn't mean problems in your country do, we are in the grip of a financial crisis, and your country needed your leadership during those rots, you can not pick and choose when you want to be Prime Minister i'm afraid, its a 24/7 job, and should you be on holiday, the first sign your country needs you, you get back here, i mean its not like your deputy Nick Clegg is capable of the job even for a few days.


  1. I thought he did cancel his holiday?... mabey i am dreaming

  2. Wow he took 5 holidays this summer. He needs to get his priorities straight.