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Friday, 11 November 2011


This week saw the much anticipated release of the latest addition to the call Of duty video game franchise, Modern Warfare 3. As with most video games nowadays, it offers a single player campaign/story mode (which i will get round to playing and reviewing at a later date) and the popular online multi player mode. 

In previous years COD multi player has had it's good and bad points, from annoying things like spawn tube kills (mainly in MW2), campers and snipers to pretty amazing kill streak rewards, weapon choices and game modes. Now in my opinion MW2 was possibly one of the best games ever made, whereas last years Black ops was potentially the worst, so i had no idea what to expect from MW3.

Launch day arrived however due to issues with Amazon and Royal mail my copy didn't arrive and i had to wait another 2 days for it, but when it finally did it was straight out the packaging and into my Xbox 360. Into the multi player screen i went and was faced with some familiar game modes like team death match, free for all, demolition and search and destroy, however i also saw a new one, Kill Confirmed (similar to TDM but with added task of collecting dog tags from kills for extra points and stopping enemy from getting theirs), and after 5 minutes of playing this, i was already feeling the love for the game, i tried the other game modes aswell and quickly built up my level, and moved onto hardcore modes which i prefer.
The MP maps are also pretty impressive with loads of hiding places for the campers/snipers and vantage points to get good views. My favourite map has to be Underground, set in and around  a war torn London underground station. 
But the main thing i like are the weapon choices, all new guns, like Scar-l, similar to Scar H but lighter in weight, and old favourites like the UMP and AK-47. there is also the return of a old favourite last seen in MW1 weapon,  alongside the usual frag, semtex, c4 and claymores, Bouncing Bettys are back, a motion sensored landmine which unlike claymores, cover a 360 degree angle.

New perks have also been introduced like Stalker where you can move faster while aiming, marksman which identifies enemy from longer ranges and quickdraw which gives you faster aiming.

New killstreak rewards have also been introduced, this time seperated into assault and support catagories, the best of the new assault rewards in my opinion are strafe un, which involes 5 attack helicopters doing a fly over taking out enemies as they go, and assault drone which is a radio controlled mini tank that the player controls.  Support packages include ballistic vest for the team and sam turrets which take out air attacks.

I could have went in depth with this review but there is so much to the game i would have been here all day, but to sum it up, MW3 is certainly a million times better than Black Ops, and has potential to be just as good if not better than MW2. Happy gaming


  1. Modern Warfare 3 is amazing but its a shame the price is not

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