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Sunday, 18 September 2011


Ok i'm going to start a monthly preview of WWE PPV's, and give my predictions for each match, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box, but if you are going to hit me with the "wrestling is fake" crap, don't bother, yes it may be scripted but it's entertainment at the ned of the day.

Right, down to business, tonight see's the annual "Night Of Champions" PPV, where every title is layed on the line (and tonight, a job is also at stake).

Divas Championship- Beth Phoenix v Kelly Kelly(dc):
Despite getting the better of Phoenix at last months Summerslam, i feel Kelly Kelly's reign as champ will come to an abrupt end tonight, Will Natalya play a part in it?, almost certainly, however i also feel we may see a new addition to the Divas of Doom,

Intercontinental championship- Ted Dibiase v Cody Rhodes(dc):
Cody has been pushing Dibiase to the limit recently,even forcing him to wear one of his brown paper bags, and tonight it comes to a head when theu square off for the IC title, a match i feel Dibiase will come out triumphant.

Fatal 4 way US Championship- Dolph Ziggler (dc) v Jack Swagger v John Morrison v Alex Riley:
With Ziggler and Swagger embroiled in a battle for the management services of Vikki Guererro, i feel that will pave the way for Riley or Morrison to reign supreme, Alex Riley has been on the up and up since parting company with Mizz and i predict this will be his night.

Tag Team championship- Kofi Kingstone and Evan Bourne (Dc) v Mizz and R-Truth:
this is a tough one to call as both teams are newly formed and proving their worth together, however i feel that Mizz and R-Truth will hold off the challenge of Air-boom and become new champs, unless the Little Jimmys get to truth of course.

Triple H v CM Punk:
This match has no title up for grabs, however should HHH lose he has stated he will give up his position as WWE COO, an outcome i think will happen with Kevin Nash and John Laurinaitis playing a major part.

World Heavyweight Championship- Mark Henry v Randy Orton(dc):
Henry has been a dominant force recently, especially where Orton is concerned, however i feel Orton will retain his belt albeit through DQ due to what i predict will be outside interference from a returning Kane or Big Show (both injured by Henry)

WWE Championship- Alberto Del Rio(dc) v John Cena:
Akberto Del Rio achieved his destiny last month at summerslam by cashing in his money in the bank against a battered and bruised CM Punk, and despite Cena being involvedin 2 great matches with Punk recently i fancy Del Rio to continue his destiny, whether it will be a fair victory or not remains to be seen.

whatever happens tonight, it has the potential to be a good quality PPV, fingers crossed anyway!

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