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Saturday, 17 September 2011


The Daily record, Scotland flagship tabloid newspaper as some would call it has today sunk to a new low. On the eve of the seasons first Old Firm game between bitter Glasgow rivals Rangers and Celtic and at a time when many are trying to ease the hatred between fans of the clubs, they decided to run a feature asking "Who is more hated at Ibrox, is it Lennon or the taxman", a move which has angered fans of both clubs and has seen Celtic release a statement this afternoon stating that they will no longer take part in any interviews with the newspaper.
I myself am a Rangers fan and i find this disgusting, to use the word "hate" is bad enough but directed at Neil Lennon and the day before the 2 clubs face of is nothing less than moronic. Recently we have seen death threats aimed at Lennon, bullets mailed to him and even bombs and for a well established publication such as the Record (owned by Mirror Group) to run this feature is only adding to the problem. Some are asking if they are inciting hatred ahead of tomorrows clash, the simple answer is yes, they are.
Whoever is responsible for letting this feature actually be published needs to take a good hard look at him/her self and think about what they have done, and if they have any sense of dignity, issue an apology to Mr Lennon and Celtic at the earliest opportunity. Lets remember at the end of the day it is only a game of football, and there is no need for any sort of hatred be it sectarian or otherwise, and we especially don't need a newspaper adding fuel to the fire. I can only hope that tomorrows game is not affected by this and that we get to enjoy a good old game of football.

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  1. Well said I could not agree more. We all shall await the apology from the crass paper, and whoever let this go to print should be held accountable for this for trying to incite trouble. The guy who wrote it should also be made to resign. I could say more but it's already been said by the thousands.