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Sunday, 21 August 2011


As most of you will be aware, yesterday saw an unfortunate accident at the Bournmouth Air Festival involving one of the Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team which resulted in the tragic death of Flight lieutenant John Egging. He is rightly being hailed a hero for steering his jet away from houses before it came down in woods.
The Red Arrows have themselves now been grounded untill a full investigation into the accident is carried out, however it has lead to some people calling for them to be disbanded alltogether, something i am sure Mr Egging or his family would not like to see.The Red Arrows are a British institute, and have been around for years, providing spectacular displays at air Shows and events around the world, one of te most iconic images in my opinion is of them flying over Buckingham Palace alingside Concorde at the Queens Golden Jubilee. (Concorde itself being retired following the tragic crash in Paris in 2003)
As a child i remember seeing both the Red Arrows and Concorde at Prestwick Airport on many an occasion,  and was left in awe at their abilities, as i am sure many people of all ages were. When concorde was retired, i was heartbroken at the thought of never seeing (or hearing, the noise was immense) her again, and the though that i may never have chance to see The Red Arrows perform again leaves a similar feeling. If anything they should (after the investegation) be allowed to fly again as a tribute to their fallen pilot.
Only time will tell what the future holds for The Red Arrows, but should we have seen the last of them, i think i speak on behalf of many when i sat Thank you for the memories!

I dedicate this post to the memory of Flight Lieutenant John "Eggman" Egging of the Royal Air Force, my thoughts are with his family.


  1. That's unfortunate about his death. I hope the Red Arrows continue on.

  2. So tragic. Thanks for the dedication! +follow

  3. Indeed a hero, i hope they keep flying

  4. Damn thats sad I remember seein the last concorde flight!

  5. How unfortunate, I wish I could fly on a concorde duh.

  6. sad. I hope they keep flying! :)