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Thursday, 1 September 2011


With all the transfer deadline day activities yesterday, one story passed me by untill i read it in todays newspapers, Hearts fan John Wilson was CLEARED of assaulting Celtic manager, Neil Lennon during a match at tynecastle on 11th May this year, despite millions of tv viewers seeing the action unfold live on tv. Wilson was also cleared of sectarian crimes despite a match steward hearing him call Lennon a "Fenian Bastard".
Despite being a Rangers fan i found the actions of this moron disgusting when i saw it unfold on tv, but my thoughts at the time were that it had been caught on tv cameras so convicting him would be a no brainer, that was untill yesterday when the jury at his trial came to a verdict of not proven, i mean seriously, the proof was there to be seen, i saw it, the guy down the street saw it, hell Stevie Wonder even saw it, so what the hell were the jury thinking?.
It makes a mockery of the Scottish justice system considering he even at one point admitted he lunged at Lennon. At a time when sectarionism is rife in Scottish football, this has to be one of the worst things that could have happened, it will make every moronic bigot think they can get away with the same thing, my only hope is that the justice system takes a long hard look at itself and learns from this.

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