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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BBC (Bloody Budget Cuts)

For decades now, the BBC has been at the forefront of television and radio broadcasting in the UK, providing us with some of Britains most popular shows such as Doctor Who and Eastenders, and in the past iconic comedy like Only Fools And Horses, Dads Army, Allo Allo, Fawlty Towers and Hi De Hi to name a few. 
At present they offer 10 television channels in UK, numerous national and local radio stations, the majority of which churn out programs 24 hours a day and BBC iplayer, a popular website and downladable app where viewers can catch up on tvand radio shows they may have misssed..
Some of these shows cost a lot of money to produce, be it wage bills or special effects costs and as a result the decision was taken last year to make cuts in budget of up to 20%, with some less popular channels and shows facing the axe, however some people have vented anger at the cuts, including staff at the BBC who have threatened strike action a number of times.
I wont bore you with details of what has been cut and why as i would be here all day, however i do feel money could be saved and earned in better ways, for example, not paying so called celebrities huge sums of money to appear on  shows such as strictly Come Dancing (despite being very popular) or the upcming talent show "the Voice".
However the main way i feel money could be made is for the BBC to scrap the television licence fee (currently we have to pay £145.50 per year) and introduce commercials and program sponsoring on its network, a move that may prove unpopular with some but as the majority of viewers are against the licence fee, it is something i am sure we could learn to live with, the licence fee is outdated and they could make so much more money in advertising and sponsorship revenue. Whether this will ever happen remains to be seen, and untill such time we face the risk of losing our favourite shows and channels.

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