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Monday, 17 October 2011


For the last 2 or 3 weeks my X-Box 360 gaming time has beeen pretty much dominated by Fifa 12, EA Sports annual multi platform football (soccer) game. each year they try to up the ante in the war against rival game Pro Evoloution Soccer (PES) and for a number of years, Fifa came out 2nd best. However in recent years PES has been the inferior game. Some have put this down to Fifa introducing more realistic gameplay and the addition of new game modes, a theory which i am inclined to agree with.
Fifa 12 introduced us to "Tactical Defending" where 1v1 situations require a certain amount of skil and judgement, unlike in previous years where the gamer had little control over defenders. I myself have found this a brilliant addition to the game, as it makes it tougher for people to get away with stupid schoolboy style goals. 
Another new addition to this years game is "Head to Head Seasons" where yu pick a club or international team and play online in a 10 division league set up, starting in league 10, you have to work your way up, an avoid relegation while doing so, the further up you go, the tougher your opponents become.
However the game mode whichtakes most of my time up is "Ultimate Team", a football manager style game with a hint of the card game, top trumps. In it you have to earn match coins and build up as best a squa as you can, you buy and sell players and other items such as club staff, kits, stadiums and fitness boosters and buy packs of virtual cards containing a mix of palyers, staff, and other items, you can also buy these packs using microsoft points, which i do a lot. Ultimate team proves very popular, with people selling players, coins and even full suads on ebay, with a top rated squad selling for amounts in the hundreds of pounds.
All in all fifa 12 has yet again proven itself to be the superior football game, and should be first choice for any fan.

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  1. I have yet to play it yet, I have been busy with NHL 12. DAMN YOU EA SPORTS!!!!