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Friday, 19 August 2011

Big Brother Is Back!!!

Yes, despite a big send off by Channel 4 last year, Big Brother is back on our screens, this time on channel 5 and with "Ultimate Housemate" Brian Dowling taking over the presenting role from Davina McCall and i have to say he done a bloody amazing job at it, and praise the tv gods because the voice of Big Brother , Marcus "who goes, you decide" Bentley has returned to provide his always entertaining narration.
the series kicked off with a "celeb" edition last night (18th august) and yes there are a few well known celebs in there, the most famous being Hollywood actress and star of American Pie, Tara Reid, who dare i say looked rather pie eyed!, however she was not alone as also in there is everyones favourite nutter, Kerry Katona, oh well at least she has a roof over her head for a couple weeks. Other housemates include a male model, the ex wife of David Hasslehoff, the almost certain soon to be ex wife of the House Of Commons Speaker, an ex soap star, 2 reality show stars, a papparazi guy with a pink mowhawk and those annoying little fuckers that we all love to hate, Jedward. 
Yes Channel 5 are risking being investegated on grounds of breaking the trade descriptions act by calling it "celeb big brother" but lets be honest, every celeb reality show does it, and we the viewing public still watch it and  as long as we do so, they will churn it out.
I myself am and always have been a fan of Big Brother (hell i even auditioned twice, but thats a story for another day) and i could not be happier that it is back, and happy to say it is in safe hands with Channel 5 who made the right decision to bring it back, and even more so by getting the awesome Brian Dowling to present it, yes folks, Big Brother is back!!

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