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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This November see's the much anticipated release of the 8th game in the "Call Of Duty" video game series. For those who have been living under a rock, Call Of Duty is a first and third person shooter game created by Ben Chichoski and published by Activision, and either developed by Infinity Ward or Treyarch. The earlier games were set during WW2, with later games (Modern Warfare 1, and soon to be released 3) set as name suggests, in modern day, while last years Black Ops set during the Cold War.
This genre of game was one i had normally not played untill the release of MW2, when i decided to jump on the bandwagon and buy it due to the publicity surrounding its release and fact all my friends were buying it, and i will admit, in video game terms, it was the best move i ever made, The single player campaign blew my mind, especially the "No Russian" chapter where you walk through an airport, shooting civilians, pretty sick but a good way of getting rid of pent up anger lol. However the best part is the online multiplayer, where you get the chance to play people from around the world, which sometimes can be a lot of fun, but at times it can get frustrating due to idiots using cheat hacks, something i hate, i mean what is the point of buying a game if you are just going to cheat. A lot of people also hate grenade launchers or Thumpers (known as noob tubes) but i myself always use them, partly because of the multikills you can get but also because the evil part of me knows it will piss people off.
So after a year of playing MW2 you could imagine my excitement at the November 2010 release of Black Ops, however my excitement was short lived, the game was horrible, the campaign was good i admit but multiplayer was dire, the graphics and sound effects were poor compared to that of MW2, to be honest just thinking of the game pisses me off so i will move on.
So what of MW3 then, well it seems it will be set in various locations including London,and it promises new killstreak features, a revamped ranking system and the removal of certain power advantage perks that some find annoying. The campaign will continue where MW2 left off, and will feature some of the same characters.
All in all the game seems certain to be a hit, despite ging head to head with rival game Battlefield 3, released around the same time. My money will be spent on MW3, and once it is released, me and my xbox will be spending a lot of time together!

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