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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


It only happens twice in a football season, it has been known to make grown men cry tears of joy or heartbreak, Sky Sports presenter Jim White has on more than one occasion done a sex wee live on air during it, yes football fans, it's transfer deadline day, the last day your club can make any new signings before the transfer window closes untill the /January sales.
So what can we expect to see today then? well apart from the usual rumours like Ronaldo to Stoke or Messi to MK Dons, We can expect a few premiership players to jump from one club to another causing a riot between rival fans, The Old Firm to fight over a player and the team who loses out by not offering enough money, regrets their decision later in the season when said player scores against them, and of course Mr White to need medical attention at 1 minute past midnight as the window closes.
Whatever happens it will pave the way for another exciting season North and South of the border, and i for one can't wait!.

I chose not to report any signings or actuall rumours as no doubt as soon as i posted the blog they would be proved wrong lol.

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